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About the channel

The new Christian — interfaith channel, which focuses on the spiritual development of society. It broadcasts around the clock and covers more than 50 countries of the world. The New Christian Channel was founded in 2016 by church leaders. This is an international TV that has its own site and produces unique content. The main goal of this channel is to create and disseminate a high-quality information product that would enhance morality, culture and spirituality.

What programs does the New Christian broadcast?

New Christian online broadcasts programs that are based on the basic principles of morality and ethics: respect for people, sincerity, care, responsibility and help. This channel is for those who believe in God and profess long-known truths. Watching a new Christian watch online will be useful and interesting not only to older generations, but also to children and teenagers in order to cultivate the right qualities and nurture spirituality.

New Christian broadcasts religious content, as well as informational, analytical, educational, journalistic, cultural and even children's programs. This channel covers a wide audience. Despite the fact that this is a fairly young TV platform, it is popular in our country.

The channel is aimed at popularizing the Christian way of life and high moral values, so all programs are educational in nature. Here the Gospel sermon, interesting author and journalistic programs are broadcast, there are many educational and motivating products.

Particular attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle, child and youth education. Also here films, news, entertainment and humorous programs, songs are shown. Among the main programs of the channel are the following:

  • Family in the kitchen;
  • Finger to the sky;
  • Morning with the Bible;
  • Freedom.

«Family in the kitchen» — is a useful and entertaining culinary show that will be interesting to watch for all family members. «With a finger in the sky» — an improvisation program that is designed for a youth audience and based on Christian principles. «Bible Morning» and «Liberty» — are featured programs that include religious reflections and prayers. The air of the Christian television channel is replenished with new interesting and useful videos targeted at people of different age groups.

How can the New Christian watch online in good quality?

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