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True television channel of informational orientation True HERE began its development with an Internet portal and a YouTube channel. He was engaged in broadcasting the revolutionary events of 2014 in Cherry and Boyark. The information-analytical program True TUT was shown on local television, later the creator Ivan Grishin came up with the idea of ​​his own independent broadcasting. In the same year a publication with the same name was published.

In September 2014, the channel received the right to broadcast on cable networks of Vishnevoy, Boyarka and Sofievskaya Borshchagovka, and broadcasting in other cities is gradually beginning. Since 2015, satellite broadcasting has started. In 2017, a number of television channels of the capital were included, forming the Kiev branch. Earlier, the Pravda HERE representative office was opened in Lviv.

The channel shows information programs focusing on local events. The official website allows you to watch live broadcasts and certain relevant topics True HERE online. Broadcasting takes place in the formats 576i 16: 9 (SDTV), 1080i (HDTV), which promise good picture and sound quality.

The audience of Pravda HERE

The purpose of the channel is the development of local television and its successful competition with central television channels. Pravda TUT channel collaborates with regional Broadcasting Companies, adhering to the developed broadcasting standards. Its audience is local residents of specific regions who are interested in the life and social activity of their city. The channel provides information independent of the interpretation of municipal media.

Information programs True HERE

Starting with coverage of local events, the channel shows political, social and cultural news of Ukraine and the world. He does not remain aloof from important events and investigations. On the channel you can see:

  • news about events in Ukraine and in the world;
  • stories about the activities of local and central authorities;
  • reports from the locations of operations;
  • video reviews of events without comment;
  • documentaries, feature films and cartoons.

Popular TV programs on True HERE

The channel provides a versatile and rich program. Much attention is paid to first-hand information from government officials and participants in the events. In addition to political and public broadcasts, the Pravda TUT channel creates programs about culture and sports. Among the most popular:

  • Talkable - extensive conversations with government officials;
  • Parallels - interviews with important people, their assessment of current events;
  • LoungeNews cultural news and conversations with celebrities LoungeTime;
  • Vector of economy - economic problems of Ukraine and the world;
  • Point of view - author’s program;
  • Morning fresh - entertainment;
  • Top 9 + 1 music charts.

How to watch True HERE?

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