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Karavan TV

Caravan TV is a specialized Ukrainian television channel. Here you can purchase a variety of products. It began broadcasting in December 2016. A related channel is «Natalie». In 2018, broadcasting in widescreen format begins. Caravan TV Channel positions itself as the «first Ukrainian television hypermarket». Viewers can order any product by phone. Among the proposals you can find jewelry, household appliances, furniture, clothes. Caravan TV is ready to sell you everything you need for your vacation, work or your home.

Caravan TV channel: main audience

The main part of the channel’s audience is housewives who spend their time at home in front of TVs. Also among the viewers, one can single out pensioners for whom making phone purchases at the telemarket is a great way to acquire something useful, high-quality and unique without having to leave home. Manufacturers and suppliers work directly with the TV channel, so you can be sure that you will receive exactly the goods as you see on your TV screen.

Caravan TV: what content is broadcast?

Since the channel specializes in television sales, the bulk of the airtime is occupied by telemarket programs with various goods. The main goal of Caravan TV is to offer the most complete range of diverse products that are difficult to find in a physical store in one place. The TV program does not change daily, so that viewers can easily remember the main broadcasts.

Channel Caravan TV: the most popular programs

On the channel’s live channel, you can see the following shows:

  • Milady TV Shop;
  • Diamanit;
  • Mega Mall;
  • Studio Moderna;
  • Versailles;
  • 5 zirok;
  • Gold on the white;
  • Yudana.

All TV programs are aimed at showing the product to the viewer from all sides as best as possible, telling about its features and characteristics. If the purchased products do not suit you, the channel is always ready for communication and tries to either return the money to the buyer or exchange the goods for another. The priority of the channel is a long-term cooperation with you. Here you are always openly, accessible and honest with you. Caravan TV will always advise and answer all questions related to the proposed products.

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