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News and politics is something without which it is impossible to live even a day. Citizens closely monitor what is happening in the political arena, because these events directly affect the quality and living conditions. Rabinovich TV will help you to keep abreast of the main news.

Features of the Rabinovich TV channel

The Ukrainian channel of high-speed news Rabinovich TV is always up-to-date information and coverage of events from different angles. Broadcasting is carried out in a continuous stream 24 hours a day, so you can always view the block of interest. There are several news sections on the channel on air:

  • Ukrainian;
  • international;
  • sporty.

A separate block is the TV program «Red Card». Direct inclusion of Rabinovich TV from the epicenter of events allows you to track news in real time and receive relevant information. Now you can find out about all the events in one place without switching channels.

How are relations between Ukraine and other countries developing in the international arena? How is the country's financial condition changing in the context of political crises and decisions? Who is the leader and key player in resolving political issues? All this and much more on Rabinovich TV.

How to watch Rabinovich TV online?

You can stay up to date with all the events and have access to the most popular TV channels using the Sweet.tv interactive television. This modern TV application allows you to watch programs and movies in HD quality with surround sound.

Each individual channel specializes in specific content. It can be films, cartoons, programs about nature, news or music. All TV channels operate 24 hours a day, making it possible to enjoy TV content at a convenient time. You do not depend on a television program or advertising and choose for yourself what and when to watch.

It doesn’t matter what exactly you watch the Rabinovich TV news channel or the Hollywood movie channel. You can enjoy TV channels from any gadget. Connect tablets and even smartphones so you don't get bored on the road or in long lines. Mobile Internet is suitable for broadcasting, and registration on the site takes several minutes. Sweet.tv is a real revolution in the world of television. No more satellites and cables. All you need is an Internet connection.

Choose the optimal tariff plan, share access to your office with friends, watch your favorite movies and arrange a cinema at home. High-quality image, realistic color reproduction and good sound is a new generation of television broadcasting. Forget about commercials, outdated movies, and TV shows with bad humor. Now there is access to high-quality TV content from world studios, Disney cartoons for children and premieres of Hollywood films.

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