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    «First Business» is not only the very first, but also the only specialized TV channel currently covering the main news in Ukrainian and world business. The information that the viewer receives is based on the main economic aspects of modernity. Channel employees create unique content that is ideal for the main audience. Repeatedly, «First Business» was recognized as the best channel for business people in the contests «Brand of the Year» and «Favorite of the Year». It has been broadcasting around the clock since 2006. It was created on the basis of the shopping center «Zagrava».

    «First Business» Online: the main audience of the channel

    The potential audience of the channel is about 18 million people. Due to the fact that they clearly understand who they are creating the content for, it turned out to create just such programs and programs that are of interest to business people, business owners and executives. Channel «One Business» is trying not to miss the main trends. The broadcast takes place not only in Ukraine, but also in the Baltic, North America and Eastern Europe.

    «First Business»: what content is broadcast?

    The analytical and informational programs that are broadcast live highlight the most important aspects of the correct business in Ukraine, talk about the problems that company leaders may encounter, and also help to overcome them. Many programs aim to show the success stories of famous leaders. Here, the authors of programs analyze and predict, offer their comments on the current situation and always keep their finger on the pulse of the main events. They do not bypass the problems in the global economy, in international markets and their reflection on the business of Ukraine.

    «First Business» watch online: what show?

    The channel broadcasts thirty unique projects of its own production, among which news can be distinguished:

    • «Agronews» program tells about the agribusiness sector in Ukraine, highlights the most important reforms in Ukrainian society;
    • «The emphasis» here is on the most important topics for business Ukraine;
    • «Infovecher», the main events of the past day, comments by the presenters regarding the latest news in the world and Ukraine;
    • «Results of the week. The world» is all you need to know about the global economy, the latest problems that business across the planet has encountered, an analysis of the main events, a picture of the life of all countries of the world from different points of view.

    Channel «One Business» offers thematic author projects:

    • «IT for your business», learn about the latest news on the IT market, learn which direction the Ukrainian investment market is currently moving;
    • «Level Up with Dasha Kapitanova», presenter Dasha Kapitanova talks about Ukrainian business;
    • «Auto-Life» is interesting, latest news from the world of automotive industry, which help to find out how things are going in the world and Ukraine.

    Learn specific business areas with industry-specific narrow-topic programs:

    • «Pro-Real Estate» —special investigations of the authors of the project that are related to the real estate sector;
    • «CryptoBondar» —about cryptocurrency, the latest technology behind the future of the whole world;
    • «Transport»— transport topics in analytical and informational format.

    How is First Business watch online at Sweet.TV?

    Today this service is ready to provide a unique opportunity: you can watch Pervaya Delovoy live and other Ukrainian TV channels in high HD quality on any device.

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