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EWTN is a Catholic American channel and media network of the same name. In addition to television content, the network broadcasts radio broadcasts and releases printed materials. Despite the specificity of the programs, more than 150 million families in 140 countries watch the EWTN channel.

Features of the EWTN channel

EWTN has been broadcasting live for over 35 years. At first, the broadcast was conducted from the monastery’s garage, but later the channel turned into a huge network. The main funding for EWTN comes from donations from viewers, although previously revenue was from private sources.

At first, not only Catholics preferred to watch EWTN: daily programs about social life, cooking, various television shows were aired. But later the channel completely switched to round-the-clock broadcasting of programs on the topic of religion. Since 2009, EWTN has been broadcast in HDTV quality, and the quantity and quality of content is only growing. Broadcasts from the monastery with prayers are held daily.

The vast majority of viewers are Catholics, but everyone can watch the TV channel, because there are a lot of educational television programs and programs on historical subjects on the air. EWTN fans are among Ukrainian viewers. Although the main airtime is devoted to the topic of religion, the channel is famous for its information service. In particular, daily news releases telling about various events in the world.

The World Over Live broadcast is one of the most popular due to the information content and non-standard presentation of relevant information. A separate feature of the television program is the lack of sympathy for any political force, so those who are interested in the latest events in the world prefer to watch the EWTN channel online. Many viewers want objective news without imposed opinions.

The channel is available for residents of Ukraine. Broadcast is conducted in Ukrainian. To watch a TV channel it is better to use the service Sweet.tv.

How to watch EWTN channel in Ukraine?

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