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About the channel

Curlers channel

Curlers is an entertaining Ukrainian TV channel that is part of the 1 + 1 Media media conglomerate. It was created in January 2014. It is aimed at a female audience, because the basis of the content is a variety of television series, in-house projects for women of different ages.

Target audience and features of the Curler TV channel

The Curler channel is distinguished by an easily recognizable logo - the word Curler in light pink, written in italics with slightly rounded and translucent ends on each letter. The logo has changed in 2015. Until that moment, it was a fully translucent font.

The main part of the channel’s audience consists of women aged 18-50. It is on them that the series and programs are oriented. Broadcasts throughout Ukraine, covering a large market niche. Mostly, Curlers are watched by housewives, elderly retired women who spend a lot of time at home. This channel is light, warm and pleasant atmosphere, romance.

For the advertising market, it is the female audience that is considered the most attractive, therefore, such a niche channel is quite popular. For example, in 2017, he showed an increase in the commercial audience of women from 18 to 54 years old throughout Ukraine by 29%.

Curlers online: what content is broadcast?

This channel has a clear focus on a variety of television series. The content is based on the products of Ukrainian, Turkish and Indian film companies, which is in demand among the female part of the population. Live broadcasts are also broadcasting their own production, designed for women.

There are few information programs, since they do not find a response in the hearts of the beautiful half of Ukraine. The television program includes the premiere screenings of brand-new series for the viewer, as well as repetitions of those that are popular.

The most popular TV shows and programs on Curlers

Watch Curlers are recommended for those who like interesting programs:

  • Helpful hints;
  • Forgive me, my love;
  • Beauty in 12 hours;
  • Family melodramas;
  • Clinic;
  • Smile, it suits you !.

But the main part of the airtime is the series:

  • Only love;
  • Black love;
  • Love again;
  • Love by Meriem;
  • Second wedding.

In the TV program you will see films in the genres of drama, comedy, romantic comedy, melodrama. Broadcast broadcasts around the clock.

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Today it’s very difficult to watch TV shows on TV. The work does not allow to keep abreast of events in the lives of heroes. Often you have to skip a series, after which it becomes too difficult to understand the plot. But with Sweet.TV you can watch Curlers online and enjoy your favorite programs anytime, anywhere.

Main advantages of our site:

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