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About the channel

NATALI - Ukrainian specialized satellite and cable channel for television sales. Started work in January 2018, replacing Shopping TV. In May 2018, together with a similar television channel, Caravan TV entered wide-format communication.

NATALI Channel: concept and target audience

The NATALI Channel sets itself an important task - to become an ideal conductor in the world of the fashion industry for women of Ukraine. In 2019, he received a warning from the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Communications, but this did not affect the quality of the content in any way.

Domestic manufacturers present their products on the TV channel without intermediaries, which allows them to develop faster. NATALI TV channel is a partner of various jewelry houses and sewing factories in Ukraine, so each viewer can be sure that he is buying quality products. The channel is one of the TopShop divisions, and therefore many programs are based on the products of this brand.

The platform is one of the leaders in television sales in Ukraine. Watch NATALI mostly women and men of middle and older ages. Here you will find low prices for quality modern products. Payment takes place after receiving the order. All products are checked for quality.

NATALI Channel: what content is broadcast?

The main content of the channel consists of programs for the sale of goods in real time. On-air, pleasant girls and men will talk about the benefits of each product, show how to use the product, how advantageous it looks.

Each program is a description of products of world brands for various spheres of life: fitness, beauty, home, health, cuisine, fashion and style. The range of products that offer to buy is quite wide: jewelry, clothes, jewelry and bijouterie, kitchen utensils and others.

What to watch online on the NATALI channel?

If you want to keep abreast of the latest innovations in the fashion world, to know how to dress stylishly and quickly buy high-quality goods, this channel will definitely like it. There are constantly broadcasts for shopping lovers:

  • Milady TV SHOP;
  • Mega Mall;
  • Versailles;
  • Diamanit;
  • Eko Sale;
  • TUSO;
  • 5 stars;
  • Gold on white.

The NATALI channel watch online is for everyone who does not want to miss the best offers of famous Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. Photos of all products sold through television sales are real and fully true.

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