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About the channel
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Ukraine HD channel

TRK Ukraine HD is an all-Ukrainian TV channel that broadcasts in Ukrainian and Russian. Until 2004, it was a regional channel of Donetsk, then it began to be broadcast throughout the country. It is a part of Media Group Ukraine LLC and belongs to Rinat Akhmetov. The priority of television programs is Russian-language series and films, as well as television shows of their own production.

Channel Ukraine HD: broadcast features

A wide audience, mainly adults, can watch Ukraine HD. The satellite channel offers a number of information and entertainment programs. Some of them began to air as Russian-speaking, and later became Ukrainian-speaking. The most popular shows are:

  • Speaking Ukraine;
  • Divination people;
  • Zirkoviy shlyah;
  • Sogodnі;
  • Head topic.

Talk Show “Talking Ukraine” is one of the most resonant and famous projects of Ukraine HD. It is dedicated to high-profile public and social events, sensations and scandals. The guests of the studio are real witnesses and participants. They discuss the topic of the program with the facilitator and experts, opinions often differ, therefore, there are active disputes.

“Zirkoviy Shlyah” - stories about the stars, their life and work, and “Divine People” - an entertaining show with the participation of the most intelligent people. Every day on the channel’s air there is a fresh issue of Sogodnі news, and once a week - Sjogodnі. Pidsums. " The final programs are devoted to the events of the week, and in the daily you can see live broadcasts, reports, comments.

Most of the TV show Ukraine HD online is occupied by serials of its own production. All series of popular projects in high quality, see the site. The most rated multi-part films produced by Ukraine HD were “Lyalya Mutton”, “Jewelers Clan”, “Chergovy Lіkar”, “The Hoop with Ruby”. These are mainly melodramas, detective stories and comedies.

Channel Ukraine HD online previously had most of the Russian-language content, but in 2017 the share gradually decreased to 34%.

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