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Film One - peas, two - peas ...



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the USSR





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One - peas, two - peas ... watch online

The gopher collects peas in the field, getting ready for winter, and meets a hamster. While the gopher was talking with the hamster, all the peas he collected were pecked by the sparrow. So that the gopher does not get upset, the hamster offers to show him a place where there are so many peas that "you won't eat them in a hundred years." The hamster leads the gopher to the barn where the peas are kept. Climbing up a tree growing nearby, they enter the barn through a small window. The barn is full of peas. At first, the animals rejoice and eat peas, but then a quarrel breaks out between them, and they begin to divide the peas. They draw the border along the peas. But instead of eating their part of the peas, they begin to guard it and guard the border. As a result, they catch each other on the fact that each of them stole peas from the wrong side. A fight breaks out between the hamster and the gopher. In the heat of a fight, they roll head over heels through the barn window onto the roof, and from there they fall to the ground through a drain pipe. Confused, they stand in front of the barn. Suddenly, a sparrow flies to a nearby tree and tells them that "there is no good from someone else's good." The next scene shows a hamster and a gopher sitting, sad and hungry, each in his own burrow. The gopher is sorting through the straw in the mink and finds a pea. He wants to eat it, but then changes his mind and runs out of the mink with this pea. A hamster runs towards him and holds out his pea to him too.