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Films with the actor Efim Katsirov

Efim Katsirov


Efim Leonidovich Katsirov (born 1937) is a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. Merited Artist of the Russian Federation (1992). Member of the Union of Theater Workers since 1965. Member of the Writers' Union of Russia since 2009. Winner of the special award Artem Borovik “Honor. Courage. Mastery ”(2012). Winner of the contest "The best book of 2011-2013 years" with the award of the Order. M. Yu. Lermontov (2013). Full member of Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts (October 2013). Member of the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Born on May 30, 1937 in Dnepropetrovsk in a Jewish family. In the same place I graduated from high school and mountain technical school. He served in the ranks of the Soviet army (1959-1962). In 1962 he arrived in Moscow and entered the acting department of the Higher Theater School named after BV Shchukin (course Anatoly Borisov). In 1966 he graduated with honors. In 1972, he graduated in absentia from the directing department of the same school with honors. In 1977 he graduated from the Higher Theater Courses of GITIS. From June 1965 an intern, and from June 1966 a soloist of the Moscow Academic Operetta Theater, performing comedy roles in operettas and musicals of J. Offenbach, I. Strauss, F. Legard, I. Kalman, F. Low, D. Bock, I. Dunaevsky , V. Muradeli, R. Gadzhiev, G. Gladkov, O. Feltsman, E. Ptichkina. He worked in the theater for 34 years. Engaged in dubbing cartoons and dubbing. Among his most famous works are: The Snezhishche Beast (“New Year's Tale”), Baba Yaga from the cartoon “Ivashka from the Palace of Pioneers”, a parrot from the cartoon series “Boatswain and the Parrot”. He also starred in movies and dramas. He became the laureate of the III Moscow competition of sports song together with the composer L. Lyadova, writing poems to the song “March of Yashin” in honor of the famous Soviet football goalkeeper Lev Yashin. In collaboration with the composer V. Kazenin is the author of "The Song of the traffic inspector" and the song "About traffic lights". In his poems "My destiny is Russia" A. Evsyukov wrote music. This song on central television was performed by I. D. Kobzon. Conducted creative meetings with the audience in Germany, the newspaper Speyerer Tagespost (him.) Russian. in 2001, he called him "the ageless star of the Moscow Operetta". In 1998, the theatrical mono-show “The Life of the Fun Artist” was born. In 2000, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of composer I. O. Dunaevsky, he devoted a concert to his work - the benefit performance “Melody of Life and Love”. In 2004, he released the show “Operetta - my life” (“Operette - Mein Leben”) [10], then the programs “Emigrants laugh to tears”, “From operetta to musical” and “Merry Benefit” appeared. In 2009, he published an actor’s book titled “Rainbow in Champagne” - about life, everyday life in the army, studying at the Shchukin School and serving on the stage of the Moscow Academic Operetta Theater. In 2012, he published his book "Kobzon of the Soviet Union" about a fellow countryman, with whom he studied at school and in the mining technical college of Dnipropetrovsk. The publication of the book was timed to the 75th anniversary of I. D. Kobzon. For this book at the XII All-Russian Competition for the Artyom Borovik Award “Honor. Courage. Mastery ”(chairman of the jury - G. A. Borovik, international journalist) was awarded a special prize. He gives concerts, telling about the theater and performing scenes from operettas, monologues, as well as Russian, Jewish and German songs. In September 2018, a new book, Unknown Passion by Efim Katsirova was published in the publishing house “A TEMP”.