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Films with the actor Alexander Khachatryan

Alexander Khachatryan


He was an actor theater. G. Sundukyan. Alexander Khachatryan is an Armenian actor of theater and cinema. The famous theater and film actor Alexander Khachatryan was born in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, two years after the end of World War II. Despite the difficult post-war childhood, Alexander managed to fulfill his dream and became an actor. After receiving a theater education, Khachatryan became a member of the troupe of the Gabriel Sundukyan State National Academic Theater in Yerevan. His career as a film actor began with a young man working on Armenian television in the TV film “Solid Rock”. In the same - 1974. He appears on a wide screen in the film "Gorge of abandoned fairy tales." During his many years of cinema life, Khachatryan took part in work on three dozens of projects. Among which were films of joint production of Armenia and the United States. Among the most famous films with the participation of Alexander are “Confidential Hollywood”, “Alicia”, “Wind of Oblivion”, “The Price of Life”, “Pharmacy at the Intersection”, “At the Bottom”, “Apple Orchard”, “Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee”, “Before how I die ”,“ Star of Hope ”. Alexander Khachatryan and his wife, Alice Kaplandjian, have two children.