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Iman K. Zawahry

Iman Zawahry is one of the first hijabi American-Muslim filmmakers in the nation. She has worked on numerous films that have played at over 100 venues worldwide. Zawahry has worked as a producer on the feature film Paperback with Moonlight producer, Adele Romanski, and Sundance alum, Adam Bowers. Her short film Tough Crowd won an Emmy Award and qualified her as a finalist in the NBC Comedy Short Cuts to pitch a sitcom with NBC executives. She is the recipient of the coveted Princess Grace Award for her film Undercover and was selected as a Lincoln Center New York Film Festival Artist Academy Fellow in 2015. Zawahry also collaborated with the non-profit Islamic Scholarship Fund to create the first-ever American Muslim film grant where she currently serves as director. Zawahry works to amplify the underrepresented female voice. She wrote and directed her debut feature film, Americanish, with a majority female crew. The film won the Audience Award at CAAMFest in San Francisco. She currently is a professor of film production at the University of Florida.

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