Films with the actor Nadezhda Samsonov

Nadezhda Samsonov

In childhood he traveled all over the country. School finished in Ulan-Ude. She graduated from VGIK in the class of famous teachers Bibikov and Pyzhova. He is a recognized master of the episode. Performer sharp, extravagant roles. She starred in more than 200 films. She worked a lot on dubbing, behind her shoulders - about 800 dubbed films. In 1950-1980 - actress of the Studio Theater actor. Regular actress of the Gorky film studio. In 1946, Nadezhda Samsonova married her classmate Sergei Gurzo (1926-1974). On November 2, 1947, the couple had twins - a son, Sergey and a daughter, Natalya, who, later, both became actors.