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Films with the actor Vera Popova

Vera Popova


Vera Nikolaevna Popova (1889–1982) - Russian Soviet film and theater actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1948). V. N. Popova was born on July 31 (August 12), 1889 in Moscow. She studied at the famous Moscow gymnasium von Derviz. In 1908-1909 she studied at the courses of A.I. Adashev's drama, in 1909-1910 she studied at the theater school of I.R. Peltzer. Since 1910, the actress of the group PM Medvedev; she also played in the theaters of Dvinsk, Vitebsk, Kiev, Ekaterinodar, Rostov-on-Don. In 1920-1921, she worked at the Theater of Traveling Drama, at the Aquarium Theater (Moscow), since 1922 - in the Moscow Drama Theater under the direction of V. G. Sakhnovsky, In 1923–1933, the actress of the Korsch Theater, the Kharkov Theater under the direction of N. N. Sinelnikova (Sinelnikov, Nikolay Nikolayevich), in 1933–1964 - actress of the Moscow Art Theater named after M. Gorky. Since 1964, retired. V.N. Popova died on August 27, 1982. She was buried in Moscow at Vvedensky cemetery. Husband - A.P. Ktorov (1898-1980). “He was devoted to Vera Nikolayevna selflessly, all his life. Among theatrical figures they stood out for their high love for each other, for their full human and creative harmony ”(Z. V. Sonina-Dolinskaya).