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Films with the actor Vladimir Lepko

Vladimir Lepko


Vladimir Lepko (1898–1963) - Soviet theater and film actor, comedian, prime minister of the Moscow Satire Theater, People’s Artist of the RSFSR. Vladimir Lepko was born on December 13 (25), 1898 in Gagra. In the years 1906-1907 he studied at the Ekaterinoslav Real School. In 1908–1912 he studied at the Vertogradov private gymnasium in Yekaterinoslav. In 1914-1915 he was an artist and assistant decorator in a private enterprise of Matskiy and Kovaleva in Samara. In 1915–1916 - artist of the enterprise of Khlebnikov and Petrova in Vyatka. In 1916-1917 he served in the royal army. In 1918-1920 he served in the Red Army (Red Guard of the 10th numbered Red Guard regiment in Red Selo). In 1920 he was demobilized, organized the Youth Theater in Yelets. In 1921–1922 - director of the Theater of Railway Workers at the Road Department of Public Education of the South-Eastern Railway in Voronezh. In 1922 - artist and decorator in a private enterprise in Luga. Vladimir Alekseevich Lepko began working as an actor on the stage of Samara, Vyatka and Voronezh. From 1923 to 1928 he performed in the famous theater of the “Curved Mirror” parodies, was a director and decorator in it. From 1929 to 1935 he was an artist of the Moscow and Leningrad music halls. Possessing a bright comedic gift, the actor created memorable characters on the stage for the audience. The best roles of Vladimir Lepko were the roles played in the plays of V. Mayakovsky "The Bug", "Bath" and "Mystery Buff". Among the notable theatrical works of Vladimir Lepko were: “Under the circus dome” by Ilf, Petrov and Kataev - Sirotkin, Semechkin, “Watchman's Jubilee” Urvantsev - Baranov, “Vampuk, African Bride ...” Urvantseva - 1st Ethiopian. In 1936, Vladimir Lepko goes to the Moscow Theater of Satire and plays roles in the performances: “The Servant of Two Masters” - Pantalone, “Taimyr Calls You” - Baburin, “The Golden Calf” - Pound. The movie was filmed very little. Nevertheless, it is perfectly remembered by all movie lovers for the small but vivid episode in Kuban Cossacks (forever sneezing the seller of pianos). Often engaged in sound cartoons. The artist died in Moscow in the prime of his creative power. He was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery (8th station, 34th row).