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Films with the actor Jesus Ochoa

Jesus Ochoa


He is the son of Manuel Ochoa Martínez and María Cruz Domínguez de Ochoa, brother of Manuel Ignacio, Tobias, Juan Ángel, Miriam Guadalupe, Mari Cruz and Ana Isabel Ochoa Domínguez. The "Choby", as it is known, is considered an original actor of Ures, Sonora, since at 3 years of age she moved to the city where she lived and finished high school, until she was 14 when she returned to Hermosillo to continue her studies at the State Normal. In 1974 he began his stage career by participating in different plays in the city of Hermosillo. In 1979 he moved to Mexico City to study at the Institute of Performing Arts, Miguel Corsica until 1984 that begins to do university theater with José Ramón Enriquez "Ciudad sin sueños", and participates a year with the Mexican lyric theater company . In 1985 he returns to Hermosillo and performs his well-known work "La Tuba de Goyo Trejo", also participates in commercials and television programs. He remained in that city until the year 1991 when he returned to Mexico City, starting on the right foot with the play "El Jefe Máximo", for which he was nominated as the revelation of the year by the Union of Critics and Chroniclers. Theater. During the following years he continues making endless plays, movies, novels and participating in television programs. In April 1998 she married the actress María Eugenia Leñero and set up her residence in Mexico City.