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Films with the actor Mark Fradkin

Mark Fradkin


Mark Grigoryevich Fradkin was born in the family of doctors Grigory Konstantinovich Fradkin and Evgenia Mironovna Shagalova. He was fond of technology since childhood. After graduating from a technical school, he worked at the Banner of Industrialization garment factory (Vitebsk) as a safety engineer. After two years of work, he entered the 3rd Belarusian Theater as an actor (Minsk). In 1934 - 1937 he studied at the Leningrad Theater Institute, where his first compositional auditions began. He studied musical and theoretical subjects under the guidance of A.P. Gladkovsky and L.A. Entelis. After graduation, he worked in the Minsk Youth Theater (actor, director and head of the musical part) and at the same time studied at the Belarusian Conservatory (1938-1939) in the composition class with Professor N. I. Aladov. In 1939 he was called up to the Red Army, to the rifle regiment in Vinnitsa, where he organized and directed an amateur ensemble. During the war he conducted the KVO ensemble. At the same time, his collaboration with the poet E. A. Dolmatovsky began. The first "military" song of Fradkin - "Song of the Dnieper", written in November 1941 at the station. E. A. Dolmatovsky, - brought him fame. It was followed by The Random Waltz (1943) and Bryanskaya Street (1944; both verses by E. A. Dolmatovsky), which immediately became popular in L.O. Utesov’s recordings. In 1944 he was admitted to the Union of Composers of the USSR and began to work in Moscow. Fradkin’s songs were included in the repertoire of both 3. Rozhdestvenskaya (“To us in Saratov”, art. L. Oshanina, 1944), and K. I. Shulzhenko (“Waiting”, 1948). Among other songs are “Birches” (St. V. Lazarev, 1958), “We lived in the neighborhood” (1956), “Behind the factory outpost”, “Komsomol volunteers”, “And the years fly” (1958, everything on the station. E. A. Dolmatovsky), “Farewell to the Pigeons” (1960, art. M. L. Matusovsky), “Morzian” (1965, art. M. S. Plyatskovsky). Fradkin’s song Volga Flowing (1960, art. L. Oshanina) from the movie of the same name won wide acclaim. The first performer of the song was V. Troshin, it was sung by M. N. Bernes, M. V. Kristalinskaya, L. G. Zykina. In the late 1960s, in collaboration with R. Rozhdestvensky, the songs “For That Guy” (1972, 1st Prize at the International Festival in Sopot), “There, Behind the Clouds”, “Tell Me Something” (1973) and dr. In the 70s, he began to collaborate with the VIA "Gems" (the song "I will take you to the tundra" at the station of M. Plyatsky, 1971). For VIA “Flame” he writes the songs “The Red Horse” (article by M. S. Plyatsky, 1978), “Where is my home?” (Art. M. Bobrova, 1983). Mark Fradkin is the author of music for more than 50 films. He performed a lot with author concerts. Died April 4, 1990. He was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery (plot number 10).