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Films with the actor J. Luis Alcaine

J. Luis Alcaine


Spanish operator. He began his career with the filming of short films, making his debut in a big movie with the picture "El hueso" (1967). He worked with the largest Spanish filmmakers. He took off more than a hundred tapes. Winner of numerous awards. Fifteen times was nominated for the Goya Award, winning five awards. His works include such films as "Our Child" (1973), "Family Portrait" (1976), "Old Memory" (1977), "Gulliver" (1979), "South" (1983), "Dragon Knight" (1985 ), "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" (1988), "Tie me" (1990), "Lovers" (1991), "Ham, ham" (1992), "Graceful era" (1992), "Turkish passion" ( 1994), "Two is too much" (1995), "Don Juan" (1998), "Jealousy" (1999), "Noise of the Sea" (2001), "Don Quixote" (2002), "South of Granada" (2003 ), “Bad Education” (2004), “Return” (2006), “13 Roses” (2007), “Rivals” (2008), “The Skin I Live In” (2011) and others.