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Films with the actor Igor Kopylov

Igor Kopylov

Actor, Director, Producer

In 1991 he graduated from LGITMiK (class of Professor A.I. Katzman and V.M. Filshtinsky). In the period from 1998 to 2001, as an actor, he recorded over thirty stories on the St. Petersburg radio and radio of Russia (R. Bredbury, R. Sheckley, Edgar Poe, D. Colera, and others). He played Erast Fandorin in the Azazel radio play based on the novel by B. Akunin. He wrote scripts for thirty literary and dramatic programs on Radio Russia and St. Petersburg Radio. In 1991-2003 - actor of the St. Petersburg theater "FARS". The author of the plays “I won’t say” (1993), “Lousy History” (1994), “The Case of Cornet O.” (1995), staged in the theaters of St. Petersburg, Magnitogorsk and Hamburg.