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Films with the actor Konstantin Vorobyov

Konstantin Vorobyov


Born March 13, 1960 in Leningrad. In 1977 he entered LGITMiK (now St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Arts), where he studied in the workshop of R.S. Agamirzyan. After graduating from the institute in 1981, he joined the VF Komisarzhevskaya Theater. He played in more than two dozen performances, among which: "The lists did not appear" (Pluzhnikov), "The Storm" (Tikhon), "The Twelfth Night" (Jester), "Days of the Turbins" (Alexey Turbin), "Mozart and Salieri" ( Mozart), "Hamlet" (Gildenshtern). On screen, he debuted in 1982 with a small role in the three-part television film "Treasure Island." The first big movie role is Lieutenant Sasha in Olga Narutskaya’s film "We Cannot Be Foreseen ..." (1985).