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Films with the actor Nick Chernikov

Nick Chernikov


Nick Chernikov - the star of the blogging (DIY-video) has achieved some popularity in runet thanks to clips on his own songs and covers. In 2012, he did the show “MUZAD” on Yury Khovansky's YouTube channel at the Russian Stand-up, then took off his version of Let It Be, collecting 100 thousand views of each, a regular video against a white wall. And then I started the first video. I found a good topic that is interesting to users of the Runet. And this, about which everyone thinks, but feel free to speak out loud. For example, the debut video was about a rubber woman and was called "I want a vagina." A video about a rubber woman gained almost a million views. He helped the singer MDK - in fact, this is the only live and massive public on the web with 7 million users. He took the clips without any fee, because the quality of the video spoke for itself - it was a two-way benefit. Also with views helps communication and collaboration with popular video bloggers Khovansky, Broadway, Maddison, Usachev, Kamikaze, Snailkik.