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Films with the actor Gorken Law

Gorken Law


Honored Artist of the Yakut ASSR (1961). People's Artist of the Armenian SSR (1967). People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1993). He studied at the Murmansk Nautical School. Member of the Great Patriotic War. He graduated from the directing faculty of VGIK (1952, workshop of Lev Kuleshov). In 1952-1956 - actor and director of the Kustanai regional drama theater, since 1957 - actor of the Theater actor studio in Moscow. In the cinema - since 1957 (the first role is Kamo in the movie "Personally Known"). Fame came to Gurgen Tonuntsu with the film "Personally Known", where he played the role of a courageous revolutionary Kamo. The first film role was as if prepared by his whole life. He was born in Tbilisi on Kamo Street. As a child, Gurgen played with his peers "in Kamo," just as the Russian boys played "in Chapaev." In the pre-revolutionary years, the parents of Tonunts were intimately familiar with Kamo from party work. They told little Gurgen a lot about Kamo, and school teachers, acquaintances, and friends also talked about him. This name has become for him a lifelong heroic legend. To the unforgettable impressions of childhood added marine service. The dream of the sea, about the exploits and long-distance wanderings led Tonunts immediately after school to the Murmansk Higher Navigational School. Many times he took part in difficult northern expeditions, participated in the release of the Sedov steamer from the ice, visited Dickson Island, Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land, Kolyma. During World War II, Tonunts participated in battles (including as part of the crew of the icebreaker steamer "Dezhnev" in a historic battle with the heavy cruiser "Admiral Scheer"), accomplished feats, was the initiator of military operations that are audacious in their boldness. Was injured. After the war, a man of amazing courage, with a strong character, with steady views, came to VGIK. Classes in the workshop of Lev Kuleshov on directing and acting skills in V.V. Belokurova, work in Kustanai drama theater completed the formation of Tonunts actor.