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Films with the actor Seraphim Anikeev

Seraphim Anikeev


Serafim Mikhailovich Anikeev (1904—1962) - Soviet operetta artist. Winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1950). People's Artist of the RSFSR (1959). Member of the CPSU (b) c 1940. Serafim Mikhailovich Anikeev was born on February 23 (March 7) in 1904 in Voronezh. He performed in the Voronezh circus as an acrobat, then a clown (1919), in 1920–1922 - an actor of the Voronezh experimental theater-studio. He graduated from the Voronezh Theater Courses (1923) and from 1923 to 1927 performed on the stage of the Voronezh Drama Theater. Since 1930 - artist (in 1943–1946 - director) of the Moscow Operetta Theater. S. M. Anikeev died on August 26, 1962. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery. Seraphim Anikeev worked on the radio. Thus, in the radio show “Dimka on the High Seas” by V. Korostylyov and M. Lvovsky, he played the role of a cook named Error-Not-Trouble. He had such a song: "Come here, Here is preparing food, Here in huge cauldrons fries, Here in the pan soars, - Anything will cook Mistake itself is not a trouble. ” Alas, they say, this, like many other classic children's radio shows, has been jammed. And it was a real nettle (unlike most books and movies of the postwar period). He recorded on records. So, “The Song of the Elderly” by I. Dunaevsky from the “Substitute Player”, he performed together with his friends in the Operetta Theater V. Volodin and V. Alchevsky.