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Films with the actor Nikolay Serebryakov

Nikolay Serebryakov

Art Director, Director, Actor

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (12.26.1986). People's Artist of the Russian Federation (10.22.1996). In 1948 he graduated from the acting studio n / a A.A. Bryantsev at the Leningrad Youth Theater, in 1952 - Leningrad Art and Industrial Institute named after Vera Mukhina (specialty - woodworker). In 1953-1954, he worked as an artist in Special Scientific and Restoration Workshops in Leningrad, in 1957-1958 - as an artistic director of the WTO in Moscow, in 1958-1960 - as art director at the Central TV Studio. Since 1960, at the Soyuzmultfilm studio, the production designer (mainly in the paintings of RA Kachanov) and the director (in 1963-1965 with VV Kurchevsky, then independently) of puppet films and paintings in the technique of relaying. He constantly collaborated with production designer A.A. Speshneva (from 1968 until her death), and, moreover, from I. B. Urmanche et al. Since 1989, he has been shooting drawn films, in 1992-1994 - at the studio of Christmas Films. Participated as an artist in the creation of a number of feature films (including with A. Speshneva). He worked in the magazine graphics, incl. together with A.A. Hurried. In 1982-1989 - art director for animation of the association "Debut" film studio "Mosfilm."