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Films with the actor Rogvold Sukhoverko

Rogvold Sukhoverko


Rogvold Vasilievich Sukhoverko (October 30, 1941, Chistopol - April 9, 2015, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian theater, film and radio actor, master of dubbing and sounding movies. Merited Artist of the Russian Federation (2002). Born October 30, 1941 in Chistopol, in the evacuation. Father - Vasily Vasilievich Sukhoverko, military doctor. Mother - Alexandra Yakovlevna Terentyeva. Parents wanted to name their son in honor of the Prince of Polotsk Rogvolod, by analogy with their daughter, Rogneda, who was already born, however, when registering a birth certificate, the registrar made a mistake in the name. As a result, the boy received the name Rogvold [3]. Since 1947, the family lived in Leningrad. In 1965 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (course head - Vasily Petrovich Markov) [4]. In the same year he joined the Sovremennik Theater troupe. Since 1971, the actor has lived in the Alekseevsky district of Moscow. He possessed by nature a very beautiful, "royal" voice - bass profundo. Worked on the radio, dub movies. He voiced many roles in Russian and foreign cartoons and feature films, as well as computer games characters. In 2008, the publishing house “Zebra E” published a book of memoirs by R.V. Sukhoverko “Zigzagi” - about the Sovremennik Theater, work on radio and concert activities. In recent years, he worked on the compilation of his version of the Anthology of Russian Poetry in 3 volumes. For many years seriously ill. After the break, again played on the stage of the Sovremennik Theater. When I lost my voice, I played roles without words. The last performance was played on April 4, 2015. Rogvold Vasilyevich died at the 74th year of life April 9, 2015 in Moscow. He was buried on April 11 at Alekseevskoye cemetery.