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Films with the actor Boris Vladimirov

Boris Vladimirov


Boris P. Vladimir Vladimirov (1932-1988) - Soviet theater and film actor, entertainer. Member of the pop duo Veronika Mavrikievna and Avdotya Nikitichna (Avdotya Nikitichna). Boris Vladimirov was born on March 8, 1932. From birth, he wore the name of Syromyatnikov, but later, for euphony, he took the name of his mother - Vladimirov. In 1956 he graduated from the directing department of GITIS. In 1959 he created and headed the pop theater "Komsomolsky Patrol". Boris Vladimirov played the old woman back in 1958. With Victor Ardov's monologue, “Grandma on Football,” a man with a handkerchief on his head spoke about something with an old woman's voice. Vladimirov successfully found the comic image of a mischievous, malicious, but very colorful old woman in black massive glasses, with a long nose and a protruding lower jaw. The artist talked in a raspy "old man's voice", laughed loudly and licked endlessly. All-Union glory Boris Vladimirov won in the role of Avdotya Nikitichny. He exploited the image of the rustic, but sharp-witted “village” grandmother, which constituted the contrast to the “aristocratic” Veronica Mavrikievna. The first wife is Eleonora Prohnitskaya, the second is Tatiana Derzhavina (sister of the actor M. M. Derzhavina). The son from the second marriage, Mikhail Vladimirov, also became an actor (serves in the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire). Boris Pavlovich Vladimirov died on April 8, 1988. He was buried in Moscow, at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.