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Films with the actor Arkady Tyurin

Arkady Tyurin

Actor, Art Director, Director

Arkady Georgievich Tyurin (October 16, 1932 - January 13, 2003) - Soviet artist, animation designer. Arkady Tyurin was born on October 16, 1932 in the family of Georgy Pavlovich Tyurin (1902-1972) and Elena Alexandrovna Kotova (1897-1967) as the second brother in the family: elder brother Alexander (?? ?? ??), middle Arkady and younger Pavel (1939— 2011) He graduated from the graphic arts department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after V. I. Lenin. He studied in the workshop of Ivan Ivanov-Vano animation department of the Faculty of Art VGIK (1957-1962). In the late 1950s he began work on the topic of “Lefty” after the tale of Nikolai Leskov, which became his thesis work. Sketches were shown at his personal exhibition in the Palace of Culture of the Novotulsky Metallurgical Plant in 1962. From 1962 to 1964 he worked on the animated film Lefty, which was released in 1965 and received an honorary diploma from the VII International Film Festival short films and documentaries in Leipzig (GDR). In the 1950s and 1960s, he took part in the creation of famous cartoons such as “Who said“ meow ”?”, “How a house was built for the house”, “The story of Vlas, lazy and bastard”, “Bath”, “The servant returned home”, “The Tale of the Old Cedar”, “Like one muzhik of two generals fed”, “Go there - I don’t know where”, “Bogorodskaya Tale”, “25th, first day”, which was filmed jointly with Yuri Norstein, “Snow Maiden”, "Sich at Kerzhents" and others. The film “Sich pri Kerzhentsa” received three international first awards at the festival in Tbilisi, in Zagreb, in New York. Illustrated a series of etchings Baikonur starry steps. Works were exhibited in Star City and at Baikonur. He was an artist of books - he designed more than 40 editions, including the Poems of Nikolai Nekrasov, Lefty Nikolai Leskov in 1967, in 1973, 1981, 1994, selected works by Nikolai Gogol, Tale of Italy Maxim Gorky, 300 Russian proverbs and sayings, Russian fairy tales, Domostroy and other books. The “Ilya Muromets” deluxe edition was nominated for the USSR State Prize, as was the Lefty edition in 1973. The peculiarity of the 1981 Lefty edition published by the Soviet Russia publishing house is that it uses cartoon techniques in book graphics. Until the last days of his life, Arkady Georgievich taught at VGIK.