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Films with the actor Valentin Karavaev

Valentin Karavaev

Director, Actor

Valentin Aleksandrovich Karavaev (August 29, 1929 - December 11, 2001) - Soviet and Russian animator-director, animator, screenwriter. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1996). Born on August 29, 1929 in the Kirov region. In Moscow, he graduated from art school and entered the courses of animators at the Soyuzmultfilm studio, which he graduated in 1959. After completing the courses he began working in the magazine "Crocodile". In 1968 he graduated from the faculty of directing animated films of VGIK and began making films at the studio Soyuzmultfilm. In 1969, he released his first (graduation) animated film - “Santa Claus and Summer”, which immediately gained recognition and success. The director of the animated film “The Return of the Prodigal Parrot” (1984) is the story of the eccentric and selfish parrot Kesha. For new adventures (the second part of the cartoon) took the director Alexander Davydov. In 1988, Karavaev made the third film with this hero. In 1995, V. Karavayev became the artistic director of the studio "Animafilm" at the Moscow Children's Fund. I think that in the future, using the language of animation, different nations will be able to communicate with each other without hindrance, it will be easier to understand the culture of another nation. Imagery animation does not require verbal translation. In this it is like painting or music. Just stare and listen, and you will understand the world of another person or people. And as soon as you understand, you will never raise a hand to him. And this is the most important thing on Earth. - Valentin Karavayev