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Films with the actor Irina Chesnokova

Irina Chesnokova


Irina Chesnokova is a famous Russian film and theater actress, television and radio host. Irina Igorevna Chesnokova was born in Voronezh. Irina is the only child in the family, so the parents tried to give their daughter the best. At the age of 6, Ira received a degree in chess, and from grades 5 to 11 she studied at gymnasium No. 6 with in-depth study of foreign languages, where she studied 3 languages ​​at once: English, German and Latin. At school, Irina was a very active child, so she was simultaneously engaged in dancing, painting, fencing, acrobatics, knitting and macrame. Irina loved to perform on the school stage - to dance and sing.