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Films with the actor Kristina Lazar

Kristina Lazar


German actress. The real name and surname is Kristel Lazarus. After graduating from Max Reinhardt Theater School in West Berlin, she began her acting career at the Renaissance Theater. She worked in the West Berlin cabaret "Die Stachelschweine" and the Munich cabaret "Schaubude", as well as in Berlin Volksbühne / Volksbühne (GDR). Debut - the film "Signale aus dem Äther" (1953). Kristina Lazar played the first major role in the movie in Erich Engel's The Bat Squadron / Geschwader Fledermaus (1958). Continuing to actively act on the studio DEFA, she stayed to live and work in the GDR. She played in the detective films and political thrillers of the role of confident, intelligent women. Beginning in 1963, negative roles appeared in her acting baggage, she began to regularly embody the images of dangerous criminals. The Russian viewers are familiar with the actress in the TV series The Shield and the Sword (1968). The latest work is the TV film of the GDR "Alma schafft alle" (1980). In the early 1970s, Christina Lazar was the editor of German television. After illness in the 80s, she retired from professional activity and currently lives in Rostock. The actress was married to actor and director Rudolf Schündler; their daughter Catherine is an editor and TV host.