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Films with the actor Miroslav Malič

Miroslav Malič

Director, Actor

Miroslav Malich was born in Moscow. In the movie, the actor has been removed since 2001. Fame brought him the role of Dmitry Lugansky, husband of Maria Shvetsova (Anna Kovalchuk) in the TV series "Secrets of the investigation." Miroslav Malich shot as director about 10 films, including the TV series: “Goryunov” with Maxim Averin and Ekaterina Klimova in the lead roles, “Veronika. Lost Happiness ”with Natalia Bardo,“ Zemsky Doctor ”and“ The Personal Life of Dr. Selivanova ”with Olga Budina and others. The Malich the actor’s filmography is not as extensive, but it has such bright works as the role in the 1982 fairy tale film“ Donkey skin ", participation in four seasons (fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth) of" Gangster Petersburg. " And of course, the most famous wide audience viewer role performed by Miroslav Malic - the husband of Maria Shvetsova, the main character of the “Secrets of the investigation.”