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Films with the actor Svetlana Kopylova

Svetlana Kopylova


Actress and singer. Up to 5 years she lived in a working village with an aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother. From the age of 2 she sang songs by V. Vysotsky, and in her adolescence her poetic abilities began to appear. She always dreamed of playing the piano, but her family had no such opportunity. After the 8th grade, having arrived from Ust-Ilimsk, where she was leaving for 3 years with her parents and younger brother Sasha, she entered the Irkutsk Aviation Technical School, where she learned to play the guitar. Accidentally getting on the performance of the Irkutsk Youth Theater, she became fascinated with the theater, but did not go to the local drama school. A year later, in 1983, she entered the Moscow Theater School. B. V. Schukin on the course of Evgeny Rubenovich Simonov. After the 2nd course begins to act in films. Her first work was the role of Lena in the film by V. Rybarev "The Witness", he also starred in the film "My name is Harlequin". This film brought international success to Svetlana. She often performed her own songs while traveling around the country. In 1987 she graduated from the Theater School. Her graduation performance was the play "Love" based on the play by L. Petrushevskaya staged by V. Etush. She studied at 2-year courses of the Moscow State Linguistic University. In 1997, together with her son Dima, she played in the film by V. Abdrashitova "Time of the Dancer". After meeting with the composer and poet V. Zuikov, who praised her poetry, she began writing pop songs, the first performer of which was Christina Orbakaite. Collaborates with composers V. Zuykov, V. Malezhik, A. Ukupnik, I. Sarukhanov and others.