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Films with the actor Arthur Makarov

Arthur Makarov

Screenwriter, actor. Adopted son of Sergey Apollinarievich Gerasimov and Tamara Fedorovna Makarova (nephew of Makarova). Arthur was the son of Tamara Makarova's sister, Lyudmila Tsivilko. Her husband, Arthur's father, was at Smolny when Kirov was killed (December 1, 1934). Like everyone who visited Smolny on that day, he was arrested and exiled for a long time. Then they arrested his wife ... When Makarov and Gerasimov were in Tashkent, Arthur was with them. And his mother did not object to the adoption of her son. In the post-perestroika years he went into business and opened a company for the production of nails with silver hats. On the night of October 3, 1995, Artur Makarov was killed by unknown criminals in the apartment of actress Zhanna Prokhorenko, his civil wife.