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Films with the actor Natalia Lapina

Natalia Lapina


Born in Gorky. She graduated from the shipbuilding college. In 1986 she graduated from the Gorky Theater School. In 1986-1987 - actress theater Lensovet. In 1987-1988 - actress of the Lenin Komsomol Theater in Leningrad. Since 1989 - actress film studio "Lenfilm". She was a singer of rock groups "Lawyer" and "Rendezvous", performed solo concerts. After filming Yevgeny Ginzburg’s film “Rouen Maid, nicknamed Pyshka”, she worked in Germany for two years, played in several films and started singing seriously. She wrote a song for the movie "Night Train to Venice" (starring Hugh Grant). After recording the soundtrack, she began to write songs that she herself performs. In 2011 she performed two songs in the final concert of the Chanson of the Year in the Kremlin Palace, Moscow. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and in Moscow.