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Films with the actor Lydia Koroleva

Lydia Koroleva


Lidia Georgievna Koroleva (1917 - 1999) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actress. Lydia Korolev was born on February 21, 1917 in Moscow. Father - Korolev George Gavrilovich, mother - Koroleva Ksenia Georgievna, sister - Koroleva Serafima Georgievna, brother - Korolev Gennady Georgievich. In 1936-1937 she studied at the mathematics department of Moscow State University. In 1938 she entered the directing department of VGIK, becoming one of Eisenstein's favorite students, but in 1942 she was transferred to the acting faculty for teachers B. Bibikova and O. Pyzhova. She graduated from VGIK in 1944. In 1946 she joined the troupe of the newly created Theater actor’s studio, where she remained on staff until 1989. At the same time she worked in the ensemble of the literary and theatrical parody Blue Bird (as an actress and author of the reprise, 1947-1950), in the drama theater of a group of Soviet troops in Potsdam (1951-1954), at the Gorky film studio (1959-1989). She made her debut in cinema in 1943 and played mostly episodic roles. Most closely cooperated with the director of fairy tales Alexander Row. Due to the low, gruff voice, she was in demand in the animated movie, voicing mainly the role of animals in the films of the studios of Soyuzmultfilm and Ekran. Often invited to the studio of popular science films, starred in the "wicks", successfully performed on the stage with the texts of his own composition. Lydia Korolev died on October 18, 1999 in Moscow. Buried at the Kalitnikovsky cemetery.