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Films with the actor Rina Zelena

Rina Zelena


In the sources there are different dates of birth of Rina Green; all agree only that she was born in Tashkent. She studied at a real school, when her father, Vasily Ivanovich Zeleny, was transferred from Tashkent to Moscow in the service, Ekaterina entered the von Derviz gymnasium in Gorokhovsky Lane. In 1919 she graduated from the Moscow Theater School. At the same time she married lawyer Vladimir Blumenfeld, but soon they broke up because of the dissimilarity of the characters. Her teachers were Illarion Pevtsov, Nikolai Radin, Maria Blumenthal-Tamarina. She began on stage as a professional singer, but then devoted herself entirely to theatrical career. She worked in theaters (since 1921) "Balaganchik" (Petrograd), "Mole" (Odessa), "Do not Cry" (Moscow). In 1924 he became an actress at the Moscow Theater of Satire. Since 1928 he joined the troupe of the Theater of Views at the House of Press. In the 1930s she performed on stage with stories about children, worked on the radio. Her repertoire includes poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Agnia Barto, Samuel Marshak, Sergey Mikhalkov.