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Films with the actor Alexey Gribov

Alexey Gribov


Alexey Gribov was born on January 18 (31), 1902 in Moscow, in a working-class family. He studied at the elementary urban school in Moscow's Leontief Lane. He worked in a silk factory, tried to learn from an accountant. In 1919, he ended up in School-Club No. 2 of the Zamoskvoretsky District, then in the Studio to them. Gorky, where staged stories were staged (played an episode in The Country of Fathers, based on the story of S. I. Gusev-Orenburg, 1923). In 1924, after graduating from school at the 3rd Studio of the Moscow Art Theater, he joined the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. The first significant role - Mr. Cregs ("The Battle of Life" by Charles Dickens, 1924). He went to the theater 50 years. As theater critics say, “Mushrooms were a master of various varieties of Russian national character.” Playing in the plays of A.P. Chekhov, the actor subtly transferred Chekhov's poetry. He played a gallery of characters in the plays of M. Gorky. He often acted in satirical roles - Sobakevich (“Dead Souls” by N. V. Gogol), Khlynov (“Hot Heart” by A. N. Okhlovsky), Epikhodova (“The Cherry Orchard” by A. Chekhov). It was comedic and satirical characters that brought him success in the cinema. One of the main theatrical successes was the role of Thomas Opiskin in the play based on the satirical story of F. M. Dostoevsky “The Village of Stepanchikovo and Its Inhabitants” (1970). In 1973 the televised play of the Moscow Art Theater was released. The first actor who embodied the image of V.I. Lenin on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater (“Kremlin chimes” by N.F. Pogodin). During the Great Patriotic War, he often went to the front as part of front-line brigades. He toured with the theater abroad: Japan, England, France. C 1935 began acting in films. For many years, voiced cartoons at the studio Soyuzmultfilm. Since 1970, he taught acting at the Moscow Art Theater School. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1944. During a tour of the theater in Leningrad in 1974, playing the role of Chebutykin in Three Sisters, the actor suffered a stroke, but at his request, the performance, which was the last in his career, was completed. Over the next three years, the actor learned to write and speak anew, began walking with a wand and began studying with students at the Moscow Art Theater School, but in the fall of 1977 his health deteriorated again. Alexey Nikolaevich Gribov died on November 26, 1977 in Moscow from a stroke. Buried at the Novodevichy cemetery (station number 9).