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Films with the actor Yury Dubrovin

Yury Dubrovin

Actor, Director

DUBROVIN YURI DMITRIEVICH He graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (1962, workshop of Mikhail Romm). In the cinema - since 1959, since 1963 - actor of the Kiev Film Studio named after A. Dovzhenko, one of the most renowned Ukrainian actors. Master of cameo roles. Honored Artist of Russia (2007). The best roles - the servant of the count Monte Cristo from the film of the same name, Petya Zolotarev from “The Living and the Dead”, Rumbled from the Armpit (“In war as in war”), commander-colonel Bolshakov from “Check on the roads”, servant of the king and cardinal from "Three Musketeers", Nikitich in the movie "Glasses from the sun"