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Films with the actor Victor Evgrafov

Victor Evgrafov


Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1994). Childhood was spent in Kuibyshev, thinking of becoming a military. He graduated from the sergeant school. He wanted to submarine fleet, but did not take it. Having served in the army, survived his first tragedy - he lost his girlfriend, she died. On this emotional background, Victor suddenly realized that his whole essence is striving towards the theater, towards the cinema, she is ready for this. It was then that he entered GITIS - his desire to become an actor was suffered. At the age of 24, Evgrafov entered GITIS at the acting department, where he studied in 1972-1976 under Vladimir Alekseevich Andreev. He was older than others, kept himself independent, was one of the best on the course. The future was clear: he would graduate from the institute and go to work for Vasily Makarovych Shukshin. In parallel with Maria Osipovna Knebel, in the director's course, he outplayed many classics. She loved Victor and offered to go to her course. He was going to, but he was told: "Vladimir Alekseevich wants to take you to the theater, and you betray him." And he did not go. Everyone believed that Evgrafov would work with Andreev, but he did not take it. Probably not yet forgiven. It was a blow. After graduating from GITIS, I went to Leningrad, to the Theater for Young Spectators. From there, George Taratorkin, who played Hamlet, had just left. And Victor dreamed about this role. But the main director of the theater, Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich Karagodsky, believed that such a role must be earned - and not so much with talent as with experience. Hamlet Evgrafov was not given, he had a lot of free time, and he decided to study at the equestrian sports school, where he was taught various tricks. He worked in the theater, starred in the movie. "- I immediately want to say that I am not an stuntman, but an actor. I learned stunt activities so as not to feel inferior in my main profession. I can perform all the necessary tricks, if they are necessary by role, by myself. say antipodes. " On the set of the Russian-American film "In the Empire of Eagles" based on "Children of Captain Grant" was seriously injured: his left lung was pierced. Experienced clinical death. To date, Victor Evgrafov lives in the city of Samara, has recovered from his injuries and is a master at the Kolovrat historical stunt studio in the city of Tolyatti. For five years of work, the studio Victor prepared fifteen stuntmen, conducted one variety-stunt program "Cascade" and countless demonstration performances in the Samara region and beyond. Continues to act in movies. Known as the performer of the role of the evil Professor Moriarty in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.