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Films with the actor Konstantin Grigoriev

Konstantin Grigoriev


Konstantin Konstantinovich Grigoriev (February 18, 1937, Leningrad - February 26, 2007, St. Petersburg) - Soviet theater and film actor, screenwriter. Merited Artist of the Russian Federation (2002). During the blockade, the mother was evacuated, leaving Constantine in Leningrad. He was brought up by his grandmother and grandfather. An actor dreamed of being from childhood, led the school drama club. He did not enter the theater institute, in the evenings he played in the folk theater “On the Vyborg Side”, in the studio of the Vyborg Palace of Culture, he worked for five years. Then he studied at the studio school at the Lensovet Theater. At the same time he worked in it as a stage master, then he began to try himself in episodic roles, he wanted to continue serving the theater and acting. There he played in the “First Oncoming”, in “Tanya”, in “Dangerous Age”. There were interesting episodes and major roles. After the Theater to them. Lensoveta worked at the Leningrad Theater named after VF Komissarzhevskaya. "Amnesty", "People and mice", "Lion in love", "Prince and beggar", "Blizzard", "Physics and Lyrics", "Smoke of the Fatherland", "Mocking my happiness", "Mr. Puntila and his servant Matti" The “First Chapter” is an incomplete list of his theatrical works. By nature, he was generously endowed with a courageous appearance, plasticity, exceptional artistry and a strong dramatic temperament. He wrote songs, including “Caution, leaf fall”, “Rain on Fontanka and rain on the Neva”. He worked in television, wrote the play “While I Went Home,” another of his plays was staged by the Theater of Musical Comedy - “Verka and the Scarlet Sails”