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Films with the actor Nikolay Volkov

Nikolay Volkov

Actor, Director

VOLKOV NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH (SENIOR) NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH AGUROV Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1956). When Nikolai Nikolayevich and his brother Eugene both became actors in the Odessa Theater of Russian Drama, they decided to cast lots to whom to take a pseudonym. Dropped out - to Nicholas. So the name Volkov appeared and the acting dynasty Volkov went. He began performing on stage since 1921, graduated from Baku Theater Studio. He worked as an actor in the theaters of Baku, Kazan, Perm, Ivanov, and in 1933 he joined the troupe of the Odessa A.A. Ivanova. For twenty years he played in the theater - in Odessa and many other peripheral scenes. During the war he was at the Tashkent film studio. Interestingly, he performed in several studio works, especially in Yakov Protazanov’s Nasreddin in Bukhara. After the war, he returned to the Odessa Theater, almost did not act in a movie. And, perhaps, the cinema would have remained a short episode in the life of theater actor Nikolai Volkov, if not the case: in 1956, at Lenfilm, going through possible starring actors in the film Old Man Hottabych, they played a clip from an old Protazan film, and astrologer Hussein-Huslia became a magical old Hottabychem. And then the acting fate of Nikolai Nikolayevich Volkov is changing drastically. The films follow one after another with such intensity that soon Volkov has to completely quit his job in the theater. Among the films with his participation are comedies, historical and military tapes, detective and fantastic pictures - Alexander Ptushko’s romantic fantasy “Scarlet Sails”, Vladimir Fetin’s comedy “The Striped Flight”, the historical tape by Yulia Karasik “The Sixth of July”, the heroic comedy by Vitaly Melnikov " Head of Chukotka, adventure film "Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat", a fantastic picture of Michael Schweitzer "The Escape of Mr. McKinley." However, the most famous, thanks to a kind of satirical portrait characteristics acquired by Nikolai Volkov images of Hussein-Husain in the comedy movie "Nasreddin in Bukhara", staged by Yakov Protazanov, William Pitt in the historical Novels Mikhail Romm "Admiral Ushakov", "Ships Storming the Bastions" and Hottabych in the film "Old Man Hottabych", shot by Gennady Kazan of the book Lazar Lagin.