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Films with the actor Peter Zaychenko

Peter Zaychenko


Born April 1, 1943 in the village of Kaysatskoye (at that time - the administrative center of the Kaysatsky district of the Stalingrad region, the RSFSR (now the Pallasovsky district of the Volgograd region). Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. Graduated from the Saratov Theater School named after Slonov (1971, workshop of Shlyapnikova and Sagyantsa ). In 1971-1974 - actor of the Volgograd Theater named after Gorky, from 1990 - actor of the Volgograd "Regional Concert", in 1994-1995 he played in the Volgograd Cossack Theater. In recent years, he was an artist of the Youth Theater of the Cossack Village Cossack Society Anitsa Rozhdestvenskaya, of the Volgograd Cossack District Cossack Society of the All-Great Donskoy Army. He was director of the Volgograd branch of the Union of Cinematographers. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1998). Zaichenko’s book, Life Is More Important than Art, was published on the year of the 65th anniversary of the actor. March 21, 2019 in Volgograd.