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Films with the actor Viktor Proskurin

Viktor Proskurin


Viktor Alekseevich Proskurin (born February 8, 1952, Atbasar, Akmola Oblast, Kazakh SSR) was a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. Merited Artist of the RSFSR (1982). Victor Proskurin was born on February 8, 1952 in the city of Atbasar (now the Akmola region of Kazakhstan), where his pregnant mother was on a business trip with his father (who accompanied railway wagons and refrigerators), his father was an ethnic Kazakh. In Aktyubinsk, the parents issued documents for the child and brought him to Moscow, where the boy’s childhood passed in the barracks of the Moscow outskirts. During his school years, he attended a literary circle, then a theater studio in the Pavlik Andreev House of Pioneers on Bolshaya Polyanka Street (43), where the assistant director of the Gorky film studio, who noticed him, offered to play in a movie. So Proskurin made his film debut before entering theatrical university, in 1968, playing a role in the film directed by Yuri Pobedonostsev "Orlyata Chapaya". Filming took place in the Crimea, so the young Proskurin at this time was enrolled to study in one of the Yalta schools. He finished the 10th grade in the evening school, as he left the secondary school (he said, he outgrew it), worked as a machine tool operator in the experimental workshop at a shoe-making factory, and earned very good money at that time. After school, he took exams at the Moscow Art Theater (they didn’t accept it because of his short stature), the Schepkin Theater School (they explained to him - keep working at the factory, that’s fine), GITIS (he was scandalous with the examiner at the exam), he entered the Shchukin School twice. When they first entered the Pike, they were asked at the admissions office: “Young man, you do not have eyes. What will you do with such a face on stage? ” From the second time, also not grabbing the passing score, was adopted on an additional set. In his words, the essay he wrote in the entrance exams entered the history of the school as a record number of grammatical and stylistic errors (64 and 26). As a student, she starred in the television series "Appointment" with Elena Koreneva and Anatoly Azo (director Vladimir Semakov), who was unsuccessful and weak. However, thanks to a partner, he met her father - director Alexei Korenev - and received an invitation to star in the film “Big Change” in the role of Genka Lyapishev. In 1973 he graduated from the B. Shchukin Theater School, was accepted into the Taganka Theater, but did not work there as a team. In the same year, 1973, he received an offer from M. Zakharov to go to the Moscow Theater of the Leninist Komsomol, where he immediately played the role of the Executioner in Til. He gained fame in Moscow theater circles, playing the role of Sergey Lukonin in 1977 in the play “The Guy from Our City” based on the play by K. Simonov. In 1988 he left the theater with a scandal. Since 1988, he began to play in the theater named after M. N. Ermolova. In the state of the theater was listed from 1990 to 1994. In August 2012, he finally left the theater named after M. N. Ermolova of his own accord, as he had not gone on stage for about 20 years.