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Films with the actor Leonid Bronevoi

Leonid Bronevoi


Honored Artist of the RSFSR (02/26/1971). People's Artist of the RSFSR (02.22.1979). People's Artist of the USSR (05.20.1987). People's Artist of Ukraine (2013). He studied in the ten-year musical at the Kiev Conservatory in violin class with Professor David Solomonovich Berthier. Leonid Bronev's mother was an accountant, and his father, after receiving a law degree, went to work at the economic department of the NKVD of Ukraine. In 1937, his father was arrested as an “enemy of the people,” and his mother and young son were sent to the town of Malmyzh, Kirov Region. Leonid had to forget about music lessons ... In May 1941, Bronev was allowed to return to Kiev, but a month later the war began, and they were evacuated to the city of Chimkent, South Kazakhstan region. In 1944, Leonid externally graduated from the top ten, and at the same time with his studies he worked part-time: he worked as an apprentice baker, secretary-typist, in the sewing workshop of the puppet theater.