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Films with the actor Igor Krikunov

Igor Krikunov


Director, theater and film actor, popular singer, teacher, public figure. After his graduation from the Schukinsky School, he began his creative activity in the eminent Moscow Gypsy theater ROMEN, where for 13 years he was a leading actor. On his account - dozens of roles played in the theater. Here he got a family (his wife Lyudmila is the prima of the Kiev theater "Romance"). Happy fate connected him with cinema. The main role in the film “Gypsy Aza” brought him fame and popularity of film actor. In total, Igor Krikunov starred in 14 music, television and art films. In the early eighties, Igor Krikunov moved to Kiev, where he worked in the musical and drama theater "On Podol", and soon created his own gypsy theater. The head of the Kiev State Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of the Gipsy Romance Music and Drama Theater (established in 1993). The theater has a children's studio "Amalata". These are three groups in which guys from 6 to 18 years are engaged. It employs 25 people, 18 of them are artists. In 2000, on the initiative of Igor Krikunov, the International Gypsy Art Festival “Amala” (Friends) was held for the first time in the capital of Ukraine. Honored Artist of Ukraine. People's Artist of Ukraine.