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Films with the actor Igor Savchenko

Igor Savchenko

Director, Actor

Igor Andriyovych Savchenko (* October 11, 1906, Vinnytsia - † December 14, 1950) - Soviet, Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, theater teacher. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1944). Originally from Vinnitsa, he studied here at the Horde-Swatlova Theater School and performed in the theater. In 1925 he organized a youth agitheater "Red Tie" and toured with him in Ukraine. Since 1926 he studied at the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts. Since 1929, he has been the main director of the theater of working youth in Baku (since 1932) and in Moscow. Savchenko's first films were shot at the Baku Film Studio in 1931-1932 ("Nikita Ivanovich and Socialism" and "People Without Hands"); At the Moscow Film Studio he put the sound film "Harmony" (1934), two youth films "Random Meeting" (1936) and "The Duma about the Cossack Holot" (1937). In 1939-41 and from 1947 Savchenko was associated with the Kiev Film Studio; in the period from 1944 to 1946 - artistic director of the film studio them. M. Gorky in Moscow. At the Kiev Film Studio he put the films: "Horsemen" by the works of Yu Yanovsky (1939), Bogdan Khmelnytsky (1941; by O. Korniychuk), "Third Strike" and "Taras Shevchenko" (they finished the tape to the director after his death in 1951). , rewarded at the International Festival in Czechoslovakia, 1952); "Guerrillas in the steppes of Ukraine" (1942; according to O. Korniychuk) and others. Since 1946 he has taught at VGIK. His classmates were now well-known directors: O.O. Alov, VN Naumov, GS Gabai, L.A. Faiziev, F.E. Mironer, Yu.M. Ozerov, SI Paradjanov, MM Hutsiev, O.O. Korenev, Yu.A. Zakrevsky, Lev Ivanov, LS Danilov