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Films with the actor Julia Topolnitskaya

Julia Topolnitskaya


Julia Nikolaevna Topolnitskaya - Russian theater and film actress. Born in the family of Nicholas and Hope Topolnitsky. Mother works as a doctor in an orphanage. Father - self-employed. There is an older brother. From the age of 12 she studied ballet and dreamed of an acting career. In 2014 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art (workshop of Boris Uvarov). In 2014 she started working at the St. Petersburg theater of Litsedei clowns. I worked there for two years. In April 2016, the artistic director of Licedeev announced to the whole young troupe that they did not agree on a creative path with him, and everyone was fired. In 2015, with Alexei Shamutilo participated in the project “Comedy Battle”, the couple could only go to the second round. Received wide fame in January 2016, starring in the music video of the group "Leningrad" for the song "Exhibit". The main role in the clip was approved after the first trial. Later she appeared in the clips “Tits” (2016) and “Kolschik” (2017), and also appeared in the video for the song “Bad Dance” by the group “IOWA”. In December 2016, she appeared as a guest guest in the 191 edition of the show “Comedy Woman”. In 2017, she performed one of the main roles in the comedy series “You are infuriating me!”. In 2017, Yulia Topolnitskaya became a new member of the comedy show “Once Upon a Time in Russia” on TNT. Also with a regular show participant, Azamat Musagaliev, they recorded several joint songs for the show.