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  • Watch Armenia TV Europe online
    Armenia TV Europe
  • Watch Perviy Gorodskoy Krivoy Rog HD online
    Perviy Gorodskoy Krivoy Rog HD
  • Watch 11 kanal Dnipro online
    11 kanal Dnipro Музичний калейдоскоп.
  • Watch UA:Donbass online
    UA:Donbass Крутий заміс.
  • Watch MariupolTV HD online
    MariupolTV HD "Ранок Маріуполя".
  • Watch Sigma online
    Sigma Реальная мистика.
  • Watch TV7 HD online
    TV7 HD "ШOу PRIME TIME". Лучшее.
  • Watch UA: ZAKARPATTYA online
    UA: ZAKARPATTYA Ночной эфир.
  • Watch TV5 Zaporozhe online
    TV5 Zaporozhe "Хроника происшествий".
  • Watch OTB Galichina online
    OTB Galichina "У гарній формі" (програма Deutsche Welle).
  • Watch RAI Ivano-Frankovsk online
    RAI Ivano-Frankovsk Міжнародні новини.
  • Watch UA:Kyiv online
    UA:Kyiv Спецпроект "Греческая операция НКВД".
  • Watch Kyiv ТВ online
    Kyiv ТВ Я не могу не спросить.
  • Watch UA: Krim online
    UA: Krim Погода.
  • Watch Odessa Int online
    Odessa Int
  • Watch UA:Rivne online
  • Watch UA: Sumi online
    UA: Sumi
  • Watch Ternopil 1 HD online
    Ternopil 1 HD "Відкрита церква".
  • Watch UA:Kherson (Skifiya) online
    UA:Kherson (Skifiya)
  • Watch YATB Herson online
    YATB Herson
  • Watch UA:Chernigiv online
  • Watch Telekanal Chernivtsy online
    Telekanal Chernivtsy "Єдина країна".
About category

Regional channels

Local political, secular, cultural and sporting life arouses genuine interest among people - relatives, friends and neighbors.

1. UA: Kiev and Kiev TV - metropolitan ups and downs with Ukrainian TV shows and musical breaks - live from noon to midnight.
2. TV5 Zaporozhye - residents of the region follow the news for current events (concession of the local airport, for example) and the Chronicle of incidents. And in the morning you can dream about an hour: I want to go on vacation, completed by the weather forecast.
3. Odessa int - a pearl by the sea prefers to watch cultural events and achievements online - Art is, Cultural palette, THEO.
4. UA: Transcarpathia, Crimea, Chernihiv, Rivne, Sumy, Kherson - most of them have existed since the time of the Soviet Empire and were founded by state television companies, and some are peers of independent Ukraine. With the support of the regional administrations, they create their own television programs, direct reports from incidents and local holidays. The project, most beloved by the audience, is congratulations to the birthday people and anniversaries. Daily news covers all areas of life in the country.
5. Ternopol 1 HD - available for viewing in improved quality. He positions himself as a youth and broadcasts many entertaining reality shows.
6. Armenia TV Europe - a regional television channel from the near abroad. Given the difference in mentality, it is very interesting to watch national ethnic broadcasts, historical documentaries and modern state development projects.

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