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Film The Legend of the Cruel Giant



the USSR





00h 10min

The Legend of the Cruel Giant watch online

Once upon a time there lived a poor fisherman in a dilapidated dugout on the seashore. He went to the sea on a boat, he was fishing. And once he caught an old bottle on which was the inscription that the one who opens this bottle, will receive untold treasures, become noble and rich. The fisherman, of course, without hesitation, opened the bottle, and from there the Genie burst out. He laughed at the fisherman, called him a bitch, but he fulfilled the promise, giving him a lot of gold. And the fisherman became the richest and most revered, but this did not bring any treasures to him, because the release on freedom the Genie, caused many troubles - as a result of the storms many fishermen fell. The fisherman, suffering with conscience, went to a wise wizard to ask how to rid the world of the cruel Genie. And he replied that there is only one way out.